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The kidney stone diet: Four foods to prevent them

The kidney stone diet: Four foods to prevent them

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Kidney stones are small, hard deposits that form in the kidneys when there is a decrease in urine or a raise in certain substances, such as minerals and salts. Fortunately, dietary changes as laid out in the kidney stone diet can help prevent kidney stones from forming or recurring.

Fast facts on the kidney stone diet:

  • By including certain foods in a diet, kidney stones may be prevented or delayed.
  • No one set type of diet will prevent all kidney stones since different dietary factors can reason different types of kidney stones.
  • Kidney stones are classified according to the type of material that reasons them.

What is a kidney stone?

When urine reduces and certain minerals in the kidneys are abundant, the minerals stick together and form stones.

There are several types of general stones. Common kinds of kidney stones include the following:

  • calcium oxalate stones
  • calcium phosphate stone
  • uric acid stones
  • cystine stones

What is the kidney stone diet?

To avoid a recurrence of kidney stones, or to prevent them developing in the first place, people should drink plenty of water, limit salt and animal protein, limit foods high in oxalates, and be cautious about taking too much calcium in supplements.

Foods that may prevent kidney stones

The following are some suggestions on what to contain in a diet to avoid the formation of stones.

Calcium and oxalate-rich foods

A person should contain foods rich in calcium, particularly if consuming foods that are higher in oxalate such as spinach. The calcium and oxalate bind together in the intestines, reducing the formation of stones.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any diet. Increasing the number of vegetables in their diet can help a person prevent stone formation. Fruits can be dried, frozen, or fresh. Fruits rich in citric acid have also been shown to have a positive effect in preventing kidneys stones.


Including extra water in the diet can help prevent the formation of both uric acid and cystine stones. Including other liquids in addition to water is acceptable; however, it is significant to check sodium levels in the beverage.

Plant-based protein

Small amounts of animal-based proteins are fine. However, too much animal protein can raise the risk of developing kidney stones. Plant-based protein sources, however, are encouraged. Examples include beans, peas, and lentils. People should discuss their individual protein needs with a doctor or a dietitian, as wants will vary from person to person.

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