Common Symptoms of too Much Stress

Common Symptoms of too Much Stress

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We all experience stress in our daily lives from different sources: jobs, relationships, finances. And whether you’re dealing with a daily stressor, chronic stress, or a major life challenge like illness or divorce, stress can take a significant toll on you both physically and emotionally.

The answer to this question can be tricky for a few reasons:

Wide Variety of Effects: Stress affects the body in many different ways. Some of these are obvious, but others may not be as noticeable or easy to detect until they become more severe.

Personal Differences: Different people are affected more or less intensely and in different ways.

The ambiguity of Symptoms: The effects of stress often look like symptoms of other illnesses (partially due to the fact that stress lowers immunity and makes us vulnerable to many things), sometimes people mistake symptoms of illness for stress and vice versa.​

Habituation: People who thrive on stress tend to feel it as their natural state, making it trickier to discern stress symptoms until after much of their stress is alleviated.

Feeling Too Overwhelmed To Notice Stress: Ironically, when under high levels of stress, people often find it hard to stop and notice their body’s responses. It seems counterintuitive that someone could be “too stressed to feel stressed,” but it does occur.


Certain types of headaches can be connected to stress. Tension headaches tend to feel like you have a band wrapped around the sides of your head and that band is slowly tightening. If you’re experiencing more headaches, especially tension headaches, stress could be the culprit.

Sleep Problems

There are many ways that stress affects sleep. Stress can make sleep come less simply and can lead to wakefulness throughout the night. Too much stress can rob you of sleep and make the sleep you get less restorative.

General Anxiety

Anxiety does serve an essential function for survival, but if you’re feeling anxious much of the time, it could be because you have too many stressors in your life, or it may indicate a medical situation like generalized anxiety disorder. If you experience an increase in anxiety, you may want to talk to your doctor.

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